Funeral Service Scriptures

Scriptures for a funeral service can be encouraging.
Scriptures for a funeral service can be encouraging.

Words of Comfort During a Difficult Time

For words of comfort, wisdom, and assurance during a difficult time of loss, consider adding scripture texts to the funeral service program.

Funeral service scriptures are always appropriate to use despite the location of the funeral service. Whether the service is held in a church or other religious establishment or within a funeral home, using scriptures can bring hope to those who hear and are strengthened by the verses. The Bible is full of encouraging words that can help the believer in a time of loss.

The specific scriptures included in the funeral service may depend on the religious denomination. For instance, the Catholic denomination will read texts in a specific format from both the Old and New Testaments relating to the funeral service. In a denomination that is not of the Catholic faith, a pastor or officiant may refer to readings from other passages of the Bible. Often times friends and family have specific scriptures they would like to be read; if this is the case, it is a good idea to incorporate the reading of them at some point in the funeral service.

For the passages from family or friends, consider having a pastor or officiant review them to be sure they are appropriate. Note that the ideal time to read scripture is at a memorial service. Scriptures such as Psalm 23 and readings from 2 Corinthians are popular choices for funerals and memorials.

Bible scriptures have various translations that are written in more modern language. It is a good idea to choose a translation that best suits your needs and will be the easiest to understand. The original King James Version is written in an Old English language and you may opt for a translation that is more contemporary.

If you are not familiar with bible verses suitable for a funeral service, websites resources such as The Funeral Program Site offer a list of great bible scriptures that offer encouragement and hope to attendees as well as the bereaved family.

Generally, biblical selections for funerals are taken from the New Testament but the popular Psalm 23 is from the Old Testament. There are many selections in the New Testament relating to life after death and the joy that awaits believers in the faith.

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